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Four Quart Special - Sweets, Sours & Salsas
$39.99 *Save $4.00*

Texas is big they say, but by choosing this box, you're basically combining that with all those pesky states around it. These are big jars and you're loading up on DOUBLE the minimum. If you haven't caught on yet, you've got big eyes, big eating ambitions and a big ol' Kitchen Kettle high five coming your way.

Catalog Item: 200244


On the left, you will find a list of products eligible for this product pack. On the right, please use the pull-down to pick an eligible product for each product choice available. These are the products that will be used to build your product pack.
Eligible Products: Choose your custom products:
1. Bread & Butter Pickles - Quart Jar
2. Chow Chow- Quart Jar
3. Chunky Marinara Sauce Quart Jar
4. Corn Relish - Quart Jar
5. Corn Salsa - Quart Jar
6. Diced Pickled Beets - Quart Jar
7. Hot Pepper Relish - Quart Jar
8. Lime Cilantro Salsa - Quart Jar
9. Mango Salsa Quart Jar
10. Mild Salsa - Quart Jar
11. Orange Salsa - Quart Jar
12. Original Marinara Sauce Quart Jar
13. Peach Salsa - Quart Jar
14. Pepper Cabbage - Quart Jar
15. Pepper Relish - Quart Jar
16. Pickled Beets - Quart Jar
17. Pineapple Salsa - Quart Jar
18. Roasted Corn & Black Bean Salsa-Quart Ja...
19. Sliced Pickled Beets - Quart Jar
20. Spicy Marinara Sauce Quart Jar
21. Three Bean Salad - Quart Jar
22. Vidalia Onion Relish - Quart Jar
23. Zesty Salsa - Quart Jar
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