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7 Salt Chef Salt

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Deadly sins. Days to create the world. Dwarves. Seven is the all-encompassing number we needed for this universal salt and pepper blend. Sweet, crunchy, smooth, and sparkling, it's balanced, more flavorful than simple salt, and never too salty. Dynamite on rare steak, poached salmon, or baked potatoes, and out of this world on popcorn.


Coastal Maine sea salt is small-batch harvested by Steven Cook and his wife, Sarah, owners of the Maine Sea Salt Company. It is staring-into-the-sun white and briskly clean.

Bali Taksu flake salt is structured like crystalline Mayan pyramids. It has a reserved salinity and is lemongrass bright.

Alaea Volcanic Red sea salt picks up its rosy tint from health-promoting Alaea volcanic clay that lines the salt evaporation pans; it is mildly alkaline, which gives it a unique tongue-tingling quality.

Kilauea Black sea salt starts with Popohaku Opal salt harvested on Hawaii's Molokai Island; the salt is filtered through activated charcoal, resulting in an incredibly lush texture and deep onyx color.

Kala Namak rock salt, the ancient healing Indian salt, is made by melting finely crushed crystals with spices, which boosts the iron content, lends an amethyst sheen to the crystals, and gives them a mildly egg-like aroma.

Halen Mon Gold flake salt from Wales is cold-smoked over Welsh oak into luminous amber shards. The crazy trapezoid shaped crystals give 7 Salt a subtle natural smokiness.

Himalayan Pink coarse rock salt is mined in the Punjab region of Pakistan from 500-million-year-old salt deposits. The medium-coarse crystals lend textural distinction, bright flavor, and beautiful pale pink glimmers to the blend.

Tellicherry Peppercorns are the highest grade of pepper grown on Mount Tellicherry in the Malabar region of southern India. Tellicherry are given extra time to ripen on the tree, giving them more pungent, aromatic oils than other peppercorns.

Dried Green Peppercorns are the freeze-dried unripe fruit of Piper nigrum, the same vine that produces black peppercorns. They deliver a fresh mild peppery tingle and green fruity flavor to the blend.

Pure Cane Sugar originates in cane juice that is pressed, evaporated, and crystallized from tropical grasses native to Asia.