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Bacon BBQ Chef Salt

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BBQ means smoke. Open this jar and inhale the rich, woodsy aromas of red alder-smoked salt, three kinds of smoky peppers, and the scent of smoked bacon. Mix it into burgers. Toss it with chicken. Rub it on ribs, roasts, and brisket. Just a pinch of this all-American mix, and you'll smoke the competition.


Red Alder Smoked Salt is slowly smoked over hardwood logs of red alder, America's tallest native alder tree. The warm brown crystals exude rich aromas of real wood smoke.

Smoked Paprika (a.k.a Pimenton de la Vera, dolce) picks up its alluring aromas as sweet pimentos (cherry peppers) are slowly dried over oak wood fires in low ceilinged adobe smoke houses.

Smoked Black Pepper can be cold-smoked over apple wood, hickory, or mesquite. We use hickory for its well-balanced smoke and its affinity for pork and chicken.

Chipotle Chiles are smoked red jalapeño peppers. Depending on the heat of the jalapeno they can taste mild to medium hot (5,000 to 10,000 Scoville units, a measure of the heat-producing oil in hot chile peppers).

Bacon Bits are the shelf-stable alternative to real bacon. They are made by infusing the natural flavors of smoke and pork into soy protein. If we had used real bacon, the blend would go rancid without refrigeration and vegetarians would be out of luck.

Ground Mustard Seed is harvested from yellow-flowering plants in the Brassica family and ground into a fine powder. Mustard seed releases the bulk of its flavor when heated, which is why mustard aromas don't waft from the jar but do blossom their sweet pungency when you cook with this blend.

Sun-Dried Tomato Powder develops concentrated tomato flavor when the ripest plum tomatoes are sliced in half lengthwise and dried on open-air racks by the heat of the sun. Grinding sundried tomatoes to a powder allows their rich red color and deep flavor to permeate every crack and crevice of a food.

Onion and Garlic Powders are often maligned as cheap knockoffs of their fresh brethren, but we celebrate the savory flavors they lend to our dried spice blends. Without them, this barbecue seasoning would lack its pleasant undercurrent of oniony sweetness and aroma.

Light Brown Sugar gets its caramel-y sweetness from molasses, which is extracted from pure cane sugar then mixed back in after the refining process. Molasses gives brown sugar a richer color, more nuanced flavor, and a tiny amount of some beneficial nutrients.