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Tuscan Herb Chef Salt

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Roman soldiers were paid in salt, and they valued the mineral-rich salts of Cervia beyond all other currency. We still do. These supersized crystals awaken the same aromas of rosemary, fennel, and sage that filled the air when Caesar's legions roamed the Tuscan hillsides. Depend on this blend for grilling seafood, tossing pasta, or when chasing a wild boar through the underbrush.


Sel Dolce de Cervia is hand-raked by salt workers who have been harvesting salt from the Aegean Sea in the same way since 965 A.D., when the first salt ponds were built in Cervia. It is so rich in nuanced flavor - floral, mineral, citrus – that the salinity of Cervia salt tastes sweet no matter what it's paired with!

Garlic flavor and pungency change from season to season and crop to crop, but once the bulb is dried, its flavor and pungency are set and range from sweet to earthy and mild to hot. We use garlic flakes that are flash-dried to capture those flavors before they oxidize.

Rosemary delivers head-swirling aromas of pine, mint, wood, and eucalyptus. It still grows wild in its native sandy soil in the Mediterranean basin.

Thyme leaves appear small gray-green and indistinctive, but don't let that fool you. Their warm, refreshing flavor permeates everything they touch thanks to thymol, the volatile oil that characterizes this soothing herb.

Dalmatian Sage grows wild in the Dalmatian hills that border the Adriatic Sea. It smells vaguely nautical like savory marsh plants with nose-tingling whiffs of mint and pine.

Marjoram is related to oregano, but milder, more refined, and less strident.

Sweet Fennel Seeds glow with pale gold and green hues. At first bite, they release a torrent of sweet anise followed by a breeze of menthol and a hint of wheat, leaving behind a cool and refreshing memory.

Tellicherry Peppercorns are the highest grade of pepper grown on Mount Tellicherry in the Malabar region of southern India. Italians have been importing Malabar pepper from India since Nicolo and Maffeo Polo (father and uncle of Marco Polo) crossed the Asian subcontinent in 1265.

Dried Green Peppercorns resonate with fresh chlorophyll aromas that balance the sharp, peppery heat of black peppercorns (Piper nigrum).

Pure Cane Sugar originates in cane juice that is pressed, evaporated, and crystallized from tropical grasses native to Asia.